Family EstateShipping

Expertly packed and securely shipped

What is Estate Shipping?

When a loved one passes, often times there are items of sentimental or monetary value that various members of the family would like to have. Often, these family members live in different parts of the country, or even the world. These important items need to be properly packed and shipped efficiently in a cost-effective manner to the different family members, no easy task to be sure. This process is known as estate shipping and it is something Palm Beach County families have trusted us with for over 10 years.


How We Can Help

Whether it's a couple of boxes or the entire contents of a house or condo, Family Estate Shipping can handle as much or as little of this daunting task as you want. We can come to you, listen to your needs and offer you many options for what you want done. We offer many levels of service and shipping speeds for any budget. Check out the full list of serviceswe provide.